Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

13th of may


The 13th of May right on my birthdayWhere I was 19 years old, well not a child anymore
Age should be able to think adult
Yaah ... hope for healthy age always, easy lecture, can the value of cumulative achievement index above 3, worship remain on guard, and can be useful for everyone, especially family
Dated 13 mei a lot that give me a say, i am very happy
But, I am so sad that my friend no one gave me a word, I suspect they forgot me.
On the 13th night at exactly 11:40 my neighbor gave me a surprise, I'm so glad they still remember birthdays.
Then on the 14th of May after my activity, my sister gave a birthday cake shaped unicorn. Oo I am very happy and very touched
Furthermore, it was dated 15mei who did not expect my close friends to surprise me again
O I am very happy they still remember me and very attention to me ..
Thanks for cake, balloons and flowers
On my birthday really happy, thanks for my friend for prayed and suprise

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