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pidato '' STOP BULLYING''


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all let’s pray and thanks unto our God who has given us mercies and blessings. So we can attend in this program without any trouble and obstacles.

Ladies and gentlemen

In this good opportunity, I stand here to deliver a speech entitled "bullying".

Ladies and gentlemen

Bullying? What is this? I am sure everyone knows already. Bullying comes from the meaning of the word intimidate to bully and oppress the weak, and annoying.

What are the causes of bullying-? It can be such as people feel strong, powerful, rich, and have everything.  It happens coincidentally, he saw the weakness of others.

Well, we go to the next topic. The second topic, how can we prevent bullying among teenagers Indonesia? Have you ever seen a student fights? Yes! Student fights is a form of bullying others.
How to deal with bullying activity? There are two ways:

1. Follow up religious activities in school!
Religious activities are useful for moral improvement because activities learn many things from God. It means the activity approach God. We do instructs the Lord, and always remember God. It means that we are far from God. God is always in control of our lives. Please keep all the rule of God that we are safe from harm.

3. Avoid negative activities, choosing good friends. Because of that, we can beat bullying activities.
You do not have the negative thinking of activities. Please select a good friend. In our life has a great influence on our business every day. If you have a friend that has an error, you're one of them. Be careful in choosing friends in modern era.

Well, ladies and gentlemen.

I think bullying activities could occur because the school is concerned only with the learning activities, but lack any moral lessons. This spirit is very important for today. Since many students, moral decline is currently. Therefore, put yourself together and invite our friends avoiding bullying activities. Because such acts only harm us, influence our time in learning, and many others were injured.

Thank you for your attention. That’s all my speech. I do hope my speech will be useful in our life.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

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