Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Task dialog

Erana : Hi fio..  Long time no see, how are you?
Fiona : yes,,  i'm fine 😊 How about you
Erana : I'm fine too,,  I have to talk to you..  Yesteday i was watching the news on television, a lot of crimes that happen to women.
Fiona : You're right, i'm sorry to hear that.  I'm very to confused, why always women are the target of crime
Erana : I don't now . We should be carefull fio
Fiona : I have an idea. What if we make a robot that can protect fom evil.
Erana : Woww that sound great.  How to make it ?
Fiona : We can robot like a bracellet that can detect bad people
Erana : How does it work?
Fiona : Robot autmaticaly ringing if there is found the bad people around us
Erana: Agreeble and plus installing GPS to let police know where we are
Fiona : Yess..  Good idea


Erana maymuna [H1031161073]
Fiona Aulia [H10311610187]

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