Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

CC Happiness

Bussines yes I like, bussines want to achive, successful business its definitely want to achieve.

I want to open a cake shop that will be famous overseas. I want to create a themed place that makes people happy and wants to come to the store. I will open this shop in the city area for easy access to everyone. Not only in the store I will make bread online where buyers can order the desired cake and coffee by just ordering it on their smartphonen. I will name my store "CC Happiness". Cc happiness can be interpreted cake and coffee that make people be happy. I want my store have good and polite employees, beautiful place is not boring. My store motto of customer happiness is our store destination

CC happiness selling some birthday cake cakes that can be custom made to order. This is an example of a pastry cake of” cake of happiness” make …

Cc happiness also sells very good coffee. Various kinds of coffee in 
CC happiness that is Espresso, 
Americano, Cappucino, Latte, Moka, and Frappe.

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