Jumat, 14 April 2017

ask an expert

Me : Good Morning. My name is Erana Maymuna from Chemistry Study Program TanjungPura University

Demiro : Morning, I am Demiro

Me :nice to meet you. In here I will interview you for my English Assignment. Are you okay ?.

Demiro : nice to meet you too. Okay, that sounds cool. Go ahead !

Me : tell me about your self?

Demiro : my name is Demiro Ragil Syahbana, 18 years old, study in TanjungPura University, and my major is international relations batch 3/2016

Me : I am so proud of you, because you have so many achievement in academic and non-academic, what is your strategy to balancing your study time with the other activity ?

Demiro: actually, I got a little problem with that because I really confuse to pick my priority, I just do something that I think it’s more important than my other activity. I must finish one activity before I move in to the others.

Me : are you have a problem to manage your schedule ?

Demiro: yes, sometimes.

Me :  I heard that you participating on Debate Competition in Untan, what things that you need to prepare ?

Demiro : I’ve to study every day, and prepare my self and of course the material significantly, and I’ve done so many practice with my team.

Me : thanks you for willingness

Demiro : you are welcome

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