Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

My skill

In this blog I will discuss about my skill, before I tell my ability. I'll let the sense skill.
Skill is the ability to do things that are specific, dynamic focus but which require a certain time to learn and can be provenHonestly, I do not know how much ability in myself. But I think that ability is synonymous with the thing I love because if we liked something we definitely easy to do. Things strengthens my ability was when childhood, I really sell something by using my bike around the village. So I think the ability in me is the self-employment or trade, I am very fond of it because it fits with my aspiration is to be an entrepreneur. Although my skills in public speaking is still not good, but I am sure I will be able to utilize these capabilities. To add to my skills in entrepreneurship is the ability to calculate. Calculating is something that I really like. In addition, also can strengthen my ability is the interaction of the people. of these interactions I have a lot of experience and new friends. skill will be useful if we want to strive.

“Genius is one perpect inspiration, ninety-nie percent perspiration” Thomas alva Edison“Go to the people. Learn form them live with them. Start with what.”

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  1. So, you sell a bike, or you sell something by using your bike?

    1. sorry mam,I sell something by using my bike